Charm of Light | Different Lights Lighting, Different Stages!


Someone said, "The light is the most charming flirt in the living room."

Indeed, different lights create different lighting effects and show different room expressions.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose a few personality creative lights to decorate their new home, or to change the style of the original room, to give life a new paradigm!

When many people decorate, they often use a ceiling light to fix the whole room lighting. The bathroom is not particular, and the bathroom directly acts as a lighting tool.

Most families have a floor height of about 3 meters. If we install a floor heating and fresh air system, the floor height will inevitably be shortened by 20-50 cm. When we install a chandelier, we will encounter the embarrassment of head and hand. Since the floor height can not be changed, we might as well try the layout of light sources other than chandeliers --- zonal scatter lighting。

"Spot lighting in zones": It aims at "one point lighting in the whole room". It is based on the different needs of different areas of different space in the room, and carries out multi-level lighting of walls, roofs and ground in the way of combining points, lines and surfaces.

Seeing these two comparative pictures, do you feel the strong contrast? It turns out that there is only one good lighting design between us and our dream life.

Therefore, it is not enough to have a main light at home, and various auxiliary lamps are also needed.

(The layout principle should be: where are the people and where are the lights.)

While installing the main light source in the living room, other auxiliary light sources can be added. The main light source should be opened when it is bright, and diffuse reflection and soft lighting should be used when it wants to be emotional.

What is the alternative to not using the main lamp?

Many, hidden in the ceiling, wall lamp bands, usually as auxiliary lighting track lights, spotlights, tube lights, as well as home common wall lights, floor lamps, desk lamps and so on.

· Track light ·

Track light are widely seen in commercial and public spaces. But now the use has been extended to many aspects.

Installation of track lamp is very simple, as long as the reserved wire position is reserved in the hydropower transformation, and the lamps can be increased or decreased according to the demand, the shape is simple and flexible, and owners pursuing minimalist style can consider.

· Downlight、Spotlight ·

These two kinds of lamps look like each other, but compared with the downlight, spotlight is more directional, and is generally used for special lighting.

· Wall lamp, floor lamp ·

Several kinds of lamps with prominent decorative and functional properties can generally be substituted for each other. Straightforward to meet the lighting needs, but also to beautify the space.

Power: 3W 5W 7W 9W 12W 15W 18W 30W
White / Black

High thermal conductivity pure aluminium heat dissipation, good heat dissipation effect, ensure the service life of the light source.

Product series is rich, multi-color temperature, multi-angle, multi-power, multi-type optional, to meet the needs of different places.


Give home a different sense of vision.

Give life a different light experience.

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