How to use light to shape the unique temperament of space?


Lighting has an important impact on people's mood and health, which many shopkeepers often do not realize.

With the promotion of lighting design, there is a new profession in the world today - lighting designer. Every time before the house decoration, the designer is asked to simulate the lighting placed in the building, and see the effect of lighting after lighting, so that the lighting can be arranged to the greatest extent and get the best feeling. When designers are entrusted with space and lighting design, what they want to do more and more is a more different display form. This "difference" should have the temperament of each space.

Less is more丨

Good business design is to serve the business, not for the eyes, not for the designers to meet their own expression needs to serve. So designers think that when the services and products in this space are selected by customers, our design is good design.

At this time, the designer is playing a selective "magnifying glass" role - how to use the environment to maximize the competitiveness of lighting, and to minimize the interference factors of lighting in the environment

Wide adaptation丨

The exhibition hall designed and built by the factory provides flexible design for the use and change of different space types, so as to adapt to a wider range of application standards and meet the diverse needs of scene lighting experience and product selection.

Experience the effect of light is the most intuitive visual feast. Here, you can see the way light presents in different environments. Designers can make rational use of space partition to create typical lighting environment in many commercial lighting market segments, such as hotels, shops, offices, schools and so on.

Recommended products丨

#1>Imported high-display LED light source has good color rendering performance and vivid color restoration.

#2>Angle universal adjustment design, horizontal adjustment 360 degrees, vertical adjustment 90 degrees, to meet the needs of omnidirectional lighting.

#3>Deep anti-glare optical design, good light projection effect, no glare, create an ideal light environment.

#4>Simple shape design, very fashionable, simple but luxurious, full of commercial taste.

As the saying goes, people depend on clothes, Buddha depends on gold clothes. The image is the most intuitive message that the merchants convey to consumers. Lighting can enhance the sense of space and affinity between goods and stores, and make your stores more popular.