How to use the spotlight skillfully in the shop?


With the progress of the times, the technological means and aesthetic concept of modern commercial lighting are constantly updated. In commercial lighting, we are accustomed to using regional multi-point light source, light-color space combination and other means to render the atmosphere of specific needs, or reflect the specific commercial nature and characteristics.

Therefore, according to the functional division, commercial lighting is generally divided into three categories: scene lighting, key lighting and decorative lighting. Whatever the function, spotlights are the most commonly used lamps in commercial lighting. Here is a brief introduction to the spotlight.

Basic Introduction of Spotlight

Spotlight is a typical modern school lighting with no main lamp and no fixed scale. It is mainly divided into two types: guideway spotlight and embedded spotlight. Because the spotlight satisfies the local lighting, it can create a unique atmosphere for the space.

Rail spotlights, as the preferred lighting fixtures for shops, generally meet the requirements of adjusting transmission direction of 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. Flexible transmission angle can increase the texture and color of goods. Therefore, they are widely used in shops, restaurants and 4S shops of automobiles.

Installation method: After the track rail is installed on the ceiling, the lamp body joint can be loaded into the track rail for lighting adjustment. However, it should be noted that the installation accessories of guideway spotlights include connectors.

Embedded spotlight, as its name implies, is installed on the ceiling according to the size of the lamp face ring. Its greatest feature is to maintain the overall unity of environmental decoration. Embedded spotlights are widely used to highlight commodities or foil the atmosphere.

Installation method: Because the main body of the embedded spotlight needs to be embedded in the wall to achieve seamless combination, it is necessary to open appropriate holes to prevent damage to the main body of the lamp source.

Selection and Purchasing Skills of Spotlight

Choose a suitable spotlight and suggest the following points:

Confirmation of color temperature

Choose a suitable color temperature, in order to bring out a good lighting effect. At present, the color temperature of lights on the market is mainly divided into three kinds: warm white, neutral white and cold white.

Warm white, it can give people a warm and comfortable feeling. It is suitable for resting and relaxing entertainment places such as shopping malls and monopoly stores.

Neutral white, soft light, can give people a pleasant, reassuring feeling, mainly used in the office;

Cold white, close to natural light, brings a bright feeling, can make people concentrate, mainly used in fast food restaurants, studios and other places.

Confirmation of Beam Angle

The spotlights on the market are basically within 12-60 degrees. If the reflective effect is needed, it is suggested to choose a large angle spotlight; if the spotlight effect is needed, a small angle spotlight is needed.

Satisfying the Principle of Appropriateness

In the selection of spotlights, it is necessary to meet the principle of appropriate amount, because too much installation of spotlights will cause light pollution.

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Deep anti-glare track spotlight

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Material: Imported high-display LED light source, good color rendering performance, color restoration lifelike.

Functions: Angle universal adjustment design, horizontal adjustment 350 degrees, vertical adjustment 90 degrees, to meet the needs of all-round lighting; Deep anti-glare optical design, good light projection effect, no glare, create an ideal light environment.

Deep anti-glare track spotlight

Style: Inside ring anti-glare design, effectively prevent glare

Material:High quality COB light source module, high light efficiency, good color consistency, high index, reliable and durable

Functions: Good effect of light control technology, universal angle adjustment design, horizontal adjustment 350 degrees, vertical adjustment 90 degrees accurate angle; external constant current high conversion rate drive, ensure the performance and life of lamps and lanterns