Special Training on "Building an Efficient Executive Team"


2019 is the tenth anniversary of Kinxzo Lighting, we have always insisted the principle:survive with quality, develop with brand." therefore in order to improve work efficiency faster and provide better lighting service for customers, we organized this special training.

This training is mainly aimed at how to improve the efficiency of  execution. through five dimensions of responsibility thinking, achievement thinking, wolf thinking, high standards and strict requirements of the management system, gratitude heart, the paper explains them.

There are some key points for each dimension, and understanding can play an important role.

First, Responsibility Thinking

1, Managers should set an example and teach by example rather than by word.

2, Taking responsibility is the beginning of solving problems.

3,I am the root of everything. (all problems should start from themselves and be brave enough to take responsibility instead of trying to shirk responsibility.)

Second, Achievement thinking

1, Execution means paying 100% of the responsibility and getting results.

2, Value determines price

3,What you emphasize will become the focus of the team and form the final result of the emphasis.

Third, Wolf thinking

Complete and Reasonable Elimination and Promotion Mechanism

In the course, Mr. Li Zhengfei also let the students share some management doubts and answer questions on the spot.

This training has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of employees themselves. The trainees have expressed that through this training, they can correctly realize the importance of "efficient execution" and share the gains of this course, indicating that they will strive to improve execution and innovation in future work, and promote the development of enterprises.

At the end of the course, the course assessment was carried out. Through this training, the middle-level leaders of the group not only learned the importance of improving execution, but also realized that the development of the enterprise is closely related to itself.

"Efficient execution" is not only for the whole enterprise, but also for everyone in the enterprise. Every employee's change and progress is the responsibility and obligation of the enterprise, and the change and progress of the enterprise is the responsibility and obligation of all employees and society.

In the future, Guangxingzhou will continue to hold this series of training courses to improve the management level of middle and senior level, improve the basic skills and knowledge of employees, and build a learning team.