The British made a story of 《China's reform and opening up》.



A documentary about China's reform and opening-up is on fire!

The trailer of the documentary,

The number of people watching has exceeded 100 million.

The most commented by netizens is: tears in eyes!

A minute trailer,

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What kind of documentary?

Let so many Chinese netizens tears in their eyes?

This documentary is 《The Story of China's Reform and Opening up》. Michael Wood, a famous historian and documentary producer in the Western documentary industry, is the author and host of the documentary.

His film 《The Story of India》 has been hailed as the culmination of Indian historical documentaries.

As for the history of his country, Michael Wood scored an unambiguous 8.0 on Douban.

In recent years, Michael Wood has begun to turn the camera to China.

In 2007, after "The Story of India" was aired and widely praised, both the BBC and PBS wanted Michael Wood to make a documentary about Chinese history.

Michael Wood worked hard to write more than 50 pages of proposals for the filming of China Story, but because of delays in other projects, it was 2013 that the documentary really started filming.

In Michael Wood's opinion, such "procrastination" has turned out to be a blessing. Around 2008, because the Olympic Games were held in China, China began to go to the world, and the world began to know China.

In 2016, the documentary "China Story" (aka: The Story of China) was aired in prime time on BBC 2, with twice the ratings of other films.

Netizens who have watched the documentary commented that up to now, he is probably the only successful BBC host who has no prejudice against China.

In December 2018, Michael Wood jointly interpreted the Chinese studio and co-planned the launch of the documentary "The Story of China's Reform and Opening up".

Some netizens exclaimed: the original story of China's reform and opening up can also be told in this way!

Without prejudice, objective and rational description of China's reform and opening up 40 years of development achievements, from China's high-speed rail, Shanghai New Energy Power Plant to Alibaba e-commerce, Southern University of Science and Technology, West Lake University...

As a historian, Michael Wood also hopes to trace the roots and reveal the secret of the success of China's reform and opening up for 40 years.

As he said on the program, China is now a big global economic country. What happened to China 40 years ago? What happened in China in the past 40 years?

He wanted to find out one thing that the West had been confused about: How could China emerge in just 40 years?

Michael Wood's tone for the whole show is very Chinese: be realistic, see what to say and speak well.

Michael Wood came to the thatched house where the villagers lived in Xiaogang Village.

Story 1: Xiaogang Village

Yan Jinchang, the leader of Xiaogang village, told Michael Wood: "If we don't do this, we will die of hunger. If we do this, we will take risks. Finally, we choose this road. We prefer to go to prison and die. We also need to divide the land among families.

Michael Wood did not understand:Aren't you afraid of being discovered by the government? I would rather go to prison and kill my head, but I also want to contract my births to my household. Why?

Another big bag leader Guan Youjiang answered him: "At that time, four children went out to escape, the youngest went out, food must be insufficient, life is difficult, so we just pressed this fingerprint to solve food and clothing."

Not only for themselves, but also for children, so that the next generation will not go hungry. That convinced Michael Wood.

He sighed, "What is the aspiration of the people? That's what the people want.

Story 2: "Baiguiwan"

Standing in Shenzhen Bay, Michael Wood tells the story he heard:

At the end of 1977, during Deng Xiaoping's investigation in Guangdong, local officials reported on the local situation. They told Deng that 700,000 people tried to smuggle into Hong Kong, mainly young people. Many people swim directly. Fourteen hundred and forty thousand people succeeded, most of them returned, but many drowned. There's a bay here, so it's called "Baiguiwan".

Chen Kaizhi, former deputy secretary-general of the Guangdong Provincial Committee, told Michael Wood that the "smuggling" of Shenzhen into Hong Kong greatly shocked Xi Zhongxun, who was in charge of Guangdong Province, and directly promoted the pace of Shenzhen's opening to the outside world.

Story 3: China High-speed Rail

Zhang Guoqin is an ordinary engineer of China National Automobile Group.

This is Michael Wood's interview with her.

Zhang Guoqin told Michael Wood: "All the key systems of the Fuxing EMU, including traction system, braking system and network system, are manufactured entirely by China itself. At present, the highest experimental speed is 420 kilometers, which was created in Zhengxu Passenger Dedicated Company on July 15, 2016.

Michael Wood was amazed: "Great, great! How about the high-speed rail network now?

Zhang Guoqin said: "By the end of 2017, China's high-speed rail mileage is 25,000 kilometers, which together accounts for the second to tenth countries in the world. It belongs to the first place in the world.

Michael Wood came to China Fuxing Manufacturing Workshop to explore the mystery of China's high-speed railway

Michael Wood asked, "Incredible, 25,000 kilometers of high-speed rail network! High-speed rail is still being repaired. What is China's vision for the future?

Zhang Guoqin answered, "By 2025, the national high-speed railway line should be 38,000 kilometers. We are always ready to go abroad!"

Such a simple dialogue, in the tremolo social software on the harvest of 301,000 points of praise, 11,000 netizens leave messages!

Story 4: About China's Future

According to Michael Wood, there are two key factors determining China's future:

The first is whether green and innovative development can be achieved, and the second is whether the level of education can surpass that of the West

On the first point, Michael Wood wanted to ask, "Why didn't you take it seriously when the environment was so bad?"

Fu Ying told Michael Wood, "Things are always going on step by step. You really can't imagine more in an age of material scarcity. However, with the continuous development of the economy, public awareness has been strengthened, and more and more attention and support have been paid to environmental protection.

Michael Wood said Fu Ying made him feel the frankness and frankness of Communist Party officials.

Michael Wood came to the laboratory of Southern University of Science and Technology to learn about the innovative abilities of Chinese students.

On the issue of education, Shi - Gong pointed to the problem directly: "There are about 3000 universities in China. Macroscopically, these universities are much the same, that is to say, they are carved from a model, and the curriculum model is similar. Therefore, both at home and abroad believe that this is the key reason why China is difficult to compete with the West in innovation.

Michael Wood said it was these sharp points that made him feel that China's future was immeasurable.

The filming continued throughout the summer of 2018, interviewing nearly 50 important personages, participants and promoters of reform and opening up.

The interviews covered nearly ten provinces and cities in Britain, the United States and China, including Guangdong, Jilin, Beijing, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shanghai.

For the 70-year-old historian, the shooting process was a little too tense.

On the way from Xiaogang Village to Hangzhou, Michael Wood fell asleep wearily sitting on the ground of the high-speed railway carriage.

On December 25, 2018, the documentary "The Story of China's Reform and Opening up" was broadcast on Tencent Documentary Channel.

Michael Wood said that today everyone wants to know about China, and he will keep telling the story of China. If Westerners want to truly understand China's present and future, they must understand what has happened in China in the past 40 years. Filming this series of documentaries is a huge challenge, but also an incredible adventure, for today's China, we are thirsty for knowledge.

Thank you, Michael Wood, for the brave documentary who told the real Chinese story to the West.

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