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Introduction Video of Factory

Sud certification testing co. LTD(TUV),professional certification factory video, worthy of your trust.

C'è una lampada principale o nessuna lampada principale?E 'una domanda.

"When the light is turned on, the universe is born, and when the light is turned off, the universe goes out".

Cartoon: La differenza di luce del sole e l'applicazione dei riflettori!

I riflettori e i riflettori sembrano molto simili, ma sono diversi in molti modi.Che differenza c'è tra loro?

Un nuovo modo di pensare all'illuminazione di ufficio

Most offices have adequate but aging lighting systems that often operate inefficiently, can waste vast amounts of energy, and annoy employees.

Special Training on "Building an Efficient Executive Team"

On April 13, Kinxzo launched a special training course on enterprise execution with the theme of "New Journey and Start Again". Li Zhengfei, the gold medal lecturer in the host education, was invited to give a lecture on "high-efficiency execution". Kinxzo management cadres participated in the training.